Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quick update before the IBR Start

Thought I would post a quick LD update.  Last weekend I participated in the Minuteman 1K rally.  I placed in second behind Jim Abbott.  I was really happy with my result.  At the current time I have to post trip reports for the Iron Butt 5000 (5 days, 5000 miles), Rendezvous Rally 2010 (placed second), Cape Fear 2011 and the Minuteman 1K 2011 rally.  Yep I am getting behind but I will get to it over the summer!

Right now I am finalizing my preparations for the Iron Butt Rally (11,000 miles (18,000kms) in 11 days).  Lots of things to do over the next two weeks.  I leave to ride out to the IBR start in Seattle, Washington in about 2 weeks time.  The first IBR checkpoint will be all the way back in Buffalo, New York 4 days later (only 3 hours from my home).  The 2nd checkpoint is Jacksonville, Florida  about 2 days later and the finish will be in Ontario, California.  I expect to have travelled about 15,000 - 17,000 miles (24000 - 27000 kms) in 4 weeks. It is the adventure of a lifetime and I am fortunate to be able to participate.

Be sure to check back as I will be posting by IBR report asap when I get back (yes the other reports will have to wait).